Sunday, November 1, 2015

"WHY, did you do that?!"

OK caregivers, here is one of your most egregious faults.  Your LBD spouse has just done something out of his or her normal character.  It was really weird, or repulsive, or offensive, or immature, and your response is; "WHY did you do that!?!?" or "Don't you EVER do that again!!"

From the LBD patient perspective, my reply is; "What?"  Because I don't know the thing I did was wrong in your eyes.  I do not see things as I once did and I probably never saw them as your do.  So what if I made a hat out of the Church Business Meeting agenda and I am now wearing that hat.  What's wrong with that?

I do not do crazy things on purpose.  They just happen because my brain is short circuited!  I do not want to warn your wrath.  I have spent 43 years trying to avoid that pain.  So, please, give me a break and understand that I act foolish, silly, crazy, and odd, because I just do not know what I am doing or that what I am doing is offensive.

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