Friday, November 20, 2015

Somedays, we do too much

We seem to have a difficult time judging how much is too much as far as outings and doing things, for me.  For instance, we rode the bus to the Commissary today as we normally do in Wednesday.  Then, after putting the groceries away, I had physical therapy.  After that, we went  to a few stores to purchase some things to stuff a Samaritan's Purse Christmas Box.  On the way home, I became overwhelmed and extremely grumpy!

We ate dinner and then my wife started in on her immediate requirement of getting the Samaritan's Purse packed in the provided box.  This is not due until Sunday morning at Church.  But, for her, it HAD to be done right then and there!   So, even though I am mentally exhausted, I have to chew my tongue and do what she wants.  Peace is better than arguments.

After that, I wanted to go to bed.  But, I stayed up and I am finally relaxing after sitting here in my recliner for three hours, surfing the web, and ignoring everything around me.  Another thing is, my Wife's mind never quits.  She analyzes everything.  She plays the " What would have happened if" game and it drives me crazy.  Who cares what could have happened on a TV Game show.  I truly do not care and the constant mental exercise of reviewing things drives me mad. Oh, and then there is the constant drone of politics on the TV.  I have told you before how that annoys me.  She just does not seem to understand how these things effect me.  I have told her and she reads my blog from time to time, so she knows how I feel.  I avoid things that annoy her.

Look, I realize, as most of you do, that I have real difficulties as the sun goes down.  And these issues are getting worse, fast.  This winter is my most intense sundowning time.   The things that effect me stay the same.  They have not changed.  So, why do I fight the same issues every night.

The bottom line is, I am difficult to be around because of LBD.  But, it is not my fault and I need help to even stay on a even keel.  

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