Monday, November 2, 2015

My Father in Law blazed the way for me!

I have written before, I think, that my Father in Law had Alzheimer's way back in the mid to late 1980's.  While his Wife was alive, he seemed, to those of us on the outside, to function OK for a man that was stone deaf!  She spoke loud, told him to do none thing a a time, and that seemed to work.

When she died, we all learned just how bad off he was.  The last five years of his life he lived either with us or in our vicinity.  We had custody of him and saw the later stages of the disease.

He was a tough old bird and he died of septicemia because the autonomic part of his brain failed and he is large intestine stopped pushing solid waste out of his body.

One thing I just remembered and the subject of this post is how his mind worked.  Every time we visited him, he would tell us how hard he was working!  I used to think; "Work, what work?!"  Now I know and now I understand.

I wrote before that my mind is always thinking, constantly running, on the thought pattern of; "I have to retire, I am working too hard, I need to put my papers in!"  Today, I realized I was in the same thought pattern as my Father in Law!!  He showed me what was to come for me so that I could understand it when it came!  Or better yet, God used Kurt to teach me what was coming and then brought it back to memory when my mind began to short circuit!  What a gift!!

To actually see the brain malfunctions of my Father in Law and then be able to apply that to my journey with LBD, lets me understand why I see life as I do and why my brain is doing what it does!

While I try to provide information others in recording my journey, GOD did the same for me, 20 plus years ago.  I cherish that knowledge and the path Kurt Herke blazed for me and now others that will read this post.

Thanks Kurt!

Note;  I would appreciate it if you would forward this post to anyone dealing with any Dementia.  Thanks.

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  1. now THATS what I call, giving thanks in all things...many blessings to you