Sunday, November 1, 2015

More reading issues

I was looking at the menu for tomorrow.  I was absolutely certain tomorrow entry that I wanted was Chicken Marsalla.  My Wife later looked and it really was Citrus Marinated Pork.  I saw the "C" and the "M" and my brain made Chicken Marsalla from that.  Many times, I look at letters and relate what the words look like, in my memory, to words I know.  I actually do not read the word.

I also notice this in Church where we display the words to the Hymns on  screen.  Many words I sing wrong because I think they are words they are not.  No issue in Church, I sing solo.  So Low no one can hear me.

Just the same, it is an indication than my brain is no longer processing things in a normal manner.  This illuminates the progression of my disease.

So, just another update, to keep you on track and help me keep track of where I am going.

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  1. Please don't be hard on yourself . I'm 50 now but was 18 when I learned to read .I have dyslexia and the fact that the schools changed the way they teach reading. I was given mnemonic ( to memorize pictures ) not phonic . It was like trying to grow a tree without roots . I have a wonderful husband that help me .I thank him everyday . I had to learn that the English language has 44 sounds ( or combination of sounds ) for the 26 letters .So after learning the sounds. I realized my mind just does not see letter the way most people do . I have to slow down and look at the words not just sound it out , but really see it . Please keep it in mind that you have had a mind that worked right to begin with .Now your just becoming ( Dyslexic ) . Please keep posting , I read to help me .I believe we still learn even if we forget we did . God Bless , Misty Gamblin