Friday, November 6, 2015

Isolation may be the best place for me

More and more, the world around me infuriates me.  I hate the politics of mutual destruction we see played out on the national stage.  I hate the self-centered way Americans conduct their lives.  I am overwhelmed with anger at the combative attitude of so called minorities when they are in the presence of anyone they deem privileged.  Being out of my little retirement community is overwhelming to my senses, my moral, and my self-control.

Our country and in fact the entire world is in self-destruct mode.  People want a free ride, a hand out, and everything those who worked and sacrificed have earned, without ever lifting a finger or even having a thought about bettering themselves.  This world is broke and I just want to hide from it.

I think that I would be better off in Assisted Living or even a Memory Support unit, isolated from the world, free to live out my life in my own thought process.

Often, a Doctor will ask me if I am suicidal or homicidal.  I often wondered why that question was asked.   I am NOT either of these.  But, I can see where it could be a problem for someone not able to escape from all the issues when your mental capabilities and filters are not functioning properly.   I used to try to solve problems.  Now, I want to avoid them.  I think I will go to bed and hide.

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