Thursday, October 22, 2015

Troubles reading!

For a while, I have had a progressively worsening issue reading.  It showed up early in my journey as an on again, off again, issue and is now with me all the time.  I simply cannot maintain my attention reading anything over a few words.  And, I miss letters in words or swap them.  For instance, a Friend sent me a story about a Cancer Drug helping with Lewy Body Dementia.  But, I saw the title as a Cancer DOG helping with LBD!!  I though;  How can a DOG help me?  I already have two and while they are good companions, they cause me more issues than help!

But, it was a great illustration of how LBD impacts every part of my life.  And that impact is increasing, quickly.   I told my wife about the article and she wanted me to write about it to preserve it for future doctor's appointments.

I have also noticed my articles are getting shorter.  That is also related to this issue with reading.  My typing puts "Spell Check" to it's extreme level!

So, my friends, keep this articles about "Cancer Dogs" coming.  They help me greatly.

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