Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The onset of an irrational mind

Up to now, I have been able to "rationalize" thoughts and visions that I have had that really do not make any sense.  For instance, I saw a white horse with brown patches grazing in our back yard.  I rationalized it because I did not own a horse and our backyard was too small to support a horse.  Hey, it worked and the horse vision did not bother me.

The man walking across Interstate 10 in traffic was not as easy.   was sure he was real!!

Some of my thoughts have been the same, unrealistic and therefore I can explain or "rationalize" them away.  But now, I am beginning to believe my thoughts even though there is little or no evidence for them.   I am very reticent to answer email questions from blog readers.  Since I now fear they are gathering evidence against me.  I stay in our apartment most of the time, nesting, for security.

This is troubling for me and my Wife.  We discussed this last night since I wanted her to know I was beginning a new phase of issues.  She was visibly upset!  I apologized, but, the truth is the truth and I always want he rot know what I am experiencing.

You might be able to imagine where this issue may lead.  So, we are guarding against those issues and Praying that God will carry us through this storm.  Linda know what I am going through.  I have hid nothing.  But, LBD is becoming a mean, destructive, terrible life companion.  And I fear the worst is yet to come.

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