Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Physical Therapy II

We have been going to Physical Therapy (PT) for over a week, maybe two, I am not really sure.  My legs still hurt in the evenings and I am still very stiff.  Since I have fallen twice in the past week, the Therapist is paying particular attention to my balance issues.

Today, she recommended I uses a walker when my left leg feels weak. So, she has obviously isolated my falls to a weakness in my left leg.  It makes sense.  I have noticed a weakness in that leg myself.

Right now, I am sitting in my chair with my legs up, trying to rest after my PT session.  Stretching, crazy moves, and some leg presses have me tired.

Another issue surfaced to the Therapist that I have known for a while. Stairs are not my friend!  Especially going down stairs!  She had me walking up and down stairs and I told her about my issues going down.  She looked like a light just went on!!

I believe the is all connected the Parkinson's side of my Lewy Body Dementia.  And, so it seems there is evidence that portion of the disease is increasing also.  No big deal, just another challenge to overcome.

I have another PT session Friday.  I wonder what we will discover then.  More later.

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