Sunday, October 18, 2015

One out of three senior citizens fall every year!

I fell twice in the last five days!   That means, six senior citizens don't have to worry about falling the rest of this year!  No thanks necessary, I am glad to help.

The first fall came on an escalator in a department store.  I was getting on the down escalator, very carefully and holding on to the hand rail.  My left leg collapsed and I fell to my knee.  Tonight, playing Billiards, I made a shot and started to turn to walk around the table and my left ankle collapsed and I fell to my knee again.  This time I grabbed the pool table to keep from falling completely.

These falls are related to my LBD and things are speeding up as far as the progression of this disease.   Falling has become a major concern and I will be sure to discuss this at Therapy tomorrow.

Since falling is a prime issue for moving an individual to Assisted Living, the recent rash of falls concerns me.  Not that I don't like our Assisted Living accommodations.  It is just that it signals a major downgrade in my condition.

Oh well, we will see what we will see.  More later.

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