Thursday, October 15, 2015

My mind in in rapid repeat mode!

I said recently I washing difficulty with rational thought.  One thing I did not write about is the thought that run through mu mind time and time and time again, everyday, day in and day out!!

For instance, I cannot tell you home many times a day, the thought; "I really need to retire.  I just cannot take this anymore!".  Or: "I need to put my Papers in."  I also repeatedly think about Navy issues like I was still on active duty.

Now, I have been retired from Active Duty Navy since 1989!  Why would I think about retiring from the Navy, time ad time again, everyday?   There are other repeated thought themes that I cannot remember as I write this post.  Imagine that.

It seems my brain is functioning less efficiently recently.  I believe the disease is progressing.

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  1. My husband has LBD and FTD and he started showing signs 18 years ago. He was just diagnosed with LBD 2 years ago. He had a seizure in May 2015 and has went downhill fast. He cannot write, put sentences together, he doesn't dress, he cannot go to the bathroom without assistance. The doctor says because he is 59, he is in good physical condition--meaning he can still walk. He's on seizure #3 and 1500 mgs of Depakote. I hope you continue to write your blog, then I will know that you are well. Do you have dizzy spells or bouts of anxiety? Just curious?