Friday, October 30, 2015


I have had hallucinations from early on in my journey with LBD.  They have come and gone and came again.  I have always had all three types of hallucinations; Visual, Auditory, and Touch or Sensory Hallucinations.

For a while, they were all gone.  But, recently that have returned.  I have been experiencing visual hallucinations of small animals.  But, in the last few days, I have been experiencing Touch hallucinations.  The occur when I go to bed.  The dogs are in the bed, laying down, quiet.  I am just settling down and then I feel the bed move as if someone has sat on the edge of the bed.  Sometimes, it is as if someone is walking over the bed.

These pass fairly quickly, but they are disturbing.  Because the room is completely dark, I am the only human in the room, the dogs are asleep, and the bed moves!!

Some wonder why Robin Williams committed suicide over his hallucinations.  He had other demons to deal with because if past drug and alcohol abuse and the Lewy Body Dementia Hallucinations must have been overwhelming to him.  So, I CAN understand.

This is a signature feature of LBD and I have had to deal with it from the beginning.  Attacking Christmas trees, horses, crashing planes, cars, boats, people walking across the freeway, my wife calling me, beds moving, the feeling of someone touching me from behind, and ones I cannot remember.  This is becoming a problem for me.

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