Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Cancer Drug that might help Lewy Body Dementia patients!

A very good friend of mine, Jon Harner, sent me an article from NPR, dated October, 17, 2015, written by Jon Hamilton, titled; "Can A Cancer Drug Reverse Parkinson's Disease and Dementia?"

The article talks about a small study group of 12 patients given small doses of a cancer drug.  Many of the group had significant improvement in their movement and memory issues.  The study lasted 6 months and then was stopped.

After the stop of the study, that patients that saw improvement began to see their issues return.

I realize this is a very small, short, study.  But, it appears to offer hope.  And that is exactly what we need.

I invite you to read this study and pass it on to your neurologists and Family Doctors.

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