Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Who cares if I have LBD?

OK, I realize I am depressed, angry, and difficult to get along with!  And yes, I know I have some friends, like Jerry and his family who are genuinely concerned about me and my journey.  And yes, my Wife cares, in her way.  I say that because she has to cope as a caregiver, a wife of a LBD patient, and a future widow!  But, I run into so many people that either call me a liar, deny there is a disease called Lewy Body Dementia, or just dismiss me as a crank.  So, my question is, does anyone care.

I don't see Jerry Lewis doing a Telethon for LBD patients.  And even the deaths of Robin Williams and Casey Casum did not help our cause.  The truth is, we are under publicized and under documented.

The Gay community had the same problems with AIDS and to fix that problem, they gave blood!  Then, many people that were not Gay got AIDS.  That gave AIDS plant of attention!!!

So, is there a way to infect people with Lewy Body Dementia?  No.  And since those of us with LBD are incarcerated in "Homes" or "Facilities" for our own protection, no one see's us and therefore, no one experiences LBD unless they have a relative or close friend that has it.

Friends, there is an interesting case.  Many of my friends have stopped contacting me since my diagnosis.  Hell, much of my family no longer contacts me!   Why, maybe they are afraid they will catch LBD from casual contact!  Or, maybe they just don't want to be around someone with Dementia.  Give me a break, I drool on my shirt and pee in my pants sometimes.  But, I can still be fun to be with!!  The fact is, I cannot do what I once did.  But I still shoot pretty well!  I will admit my stamina is not what it once was, but two hours at the range is enough for most folks.

Look, my point is, people with known diseases like cancer, get much more attention than Dementia patients,  I really do not know why, but I do know we get lonely.  Since most of us can't drive, getting out is dependent on those of you who are "Normal".

I am just complaining, I guess.  The sun is going down and I am dealing with my nightly friend; "Sun Downing".  So, just forget this post.   Oh, you already did.    

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