Friday, September 18, 2015

What the heck is that noise?

As you know, we live in a Continuing Care Retirement community (CCRC) called Azalea Trace in Pensacola.  It is a very nice, quiet, genteel, community.  We share one border with the University of West Florida.  We are good neighbors with them, but last night, I learned they are NOT good neighbors with us.

I was walking the dogs at about 2030, (8:30 PM) and I heard this extremely loud, amplified noise coming from a brightly illuminated portion of the campus.  The noise, coupled with the darkness,  drove me into an almost uncontrollable rage!  The noise from the speakers never quit!!  Who ever the moron was on the microphone, he or she was screaming and the system was not well adjusted, so all they got was a loud reverberation and muffled voices!!   It kept going, and going, and I got more and more angry!!  I finally brought the dogs in before they were ready and after loudly expressing my anger, I went to bed to hide!!

I wanted to scream at the noise!!!

Loud noises cause me problems.  But this was way past loud!  It drove me into a rage that only bed could begin to control.

I have no respect for UWF based on the students I see in the area.  Couple that with their reckless, disrespectful, aggressive, asinine, noise attack and I question their designation as a University!  The people in charge should know how this would effect their neighbor.  Or not, see as I believe the staff and professors are probably as dumb as their students.

I probably have no recourse.  And that aggravates me almost as much as the noise did.  Again, there is nothing I can do except hide in bed.

LBD is now in full swing and it is now controlling every facet of my life.  I guess I am fully into the third quarter of this game, and I am loosing badly.  

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  1. Dear Sor, I have no words...I am still listening and praying.