Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The difference is Day and Night!

It is 8:10 AM here in Pensacola.  It is cool, sunny, the birds are singing, and I feel good.  I had a good night's sleep with few bathroom visits and although I have my normal leg pain, I feel OK.  Why?  What is the difference?  It is morning, daylight, and there are NO loud noises.

It still amazes me how there can be such a difference between how I feel in the morning and how I feel when the sun starts to go fade.  My wife can document these changes.  We keep the house brightly illuminated but that does not help.

The entire character of the world changes when it gets dark out.  Everything seems more sinister and threading.  Noises seem louder and more sharp!  Those noises cut through me like a sword.   I become grumpy, agitated, and I react with anger at anything and everything.

But now it is a bright morning and nothing seems to bother me.  How long this will last is any one's guess.  So, I will enjoy the good mood while it lasts.  More later.

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