Thursday, September 24, 2015

Routine, Routine, Routine!!!

In the life of a LBD patient, ROUTINE is THE most important thing the caregiver can influence!!!  I cannot say that often enough.  And, even with my routine being content, I have issues.

More and more, I stay in my retirement community.   We do thing the same way everyday.   And when things change, for any reason, I am off my game.  My wife is very careful to control my routine.  She understands how my routine impacts me.

But, even with a stable routine, I have had to reduce some of the things I have done, routinely, over the past few years.  My cognitive ability and my stress load have required me to reduce the things that I do outside of Azalea Trace.  I simply cannot do as much as I once could.

But, back to routine.  I often hear about caregivers taking their Dementia patient to new locations, long vacations, visits to the Grand Kids, or even moving them after they have had their Dementia diagnosis for a while.  I am not a doctor, but I am a person with Lewy Body Dementia and I believe a major move now, would cause MAJOR cognitive and even physical issues.  

On another note, but related to a stable routine;  I have had stability issues recently.  I now used my cane all the time.  The pain in my legs, all the way up to my buttock, is constant and increasing.  I do not complain openly about it because there is nothing I can do about it.  But, my Wife knows and called my Neurologist today to try to set up Physical Therapy in an attempt to mitigate the pain and maybe increase my stability.  I said I will go to the therapy as long as it is here, at Azalea Trace.   That way I will not go out of my familiar and protected community and my routine will be maintained.

So, it is my recommendation to maintain your Dementia patients routine completely.  If you plan on moving, do it early in the disease.  If you are in the second half of the journey, as I am, stay where you are!  Bring in help if you need to.  But don't change anything.   If you do, you may not like the results.

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