Saturday, August 8, 2015

Unfulfilled dreams and other failures

I have been looking back over my life in the last few days.  As a matter of fact, I have been quite retrospective over the last week.  Since my brain focuses on the past so well, it is easy to see the things I never got to do and the things I failed at miserably.  Yes, I do have my successes.  But lately, those things I did not do or could not do seem to fill my mind.

But a few days ago, I was at a "Sportsman's Night Out" at a large Church in Pensacola.  There had to be 3000 people there!  There were door prizes of epic proportion, good food, and past two time Bass Masters Champ Hank Parker as the guest speaker.  He told some of his favorite hunting and fishing stories, and then he offered HIS testimony.  Hank came to Christ in much the same way we all do, or at least how I did.  He denied Christ until the Holy Spirit opened his heart.  But Hank quoted a Scripture that pierced my heart.  It is in the Book of Romans Paul wrote, and I paraphrase;  What good is having all the toys of life, all the money you could ever spend, and all the fun in life there could be, if it meant you would go to Hell, forever!!?

Hank went on to tell us, who will remember what you did 50 years from now? A hundred years from now?  A thousand years from now?!!  Trust me, a month after you are buried, most of the folks that knew you will not be able to remember where you were buried or when you died.

So, all we do should be for God.  Yes, I know you have to work.  But, you can do your job in a way that gives credit to God.  You can raise your children in the Church!  You can "Love one another" as Jesus Commanded us to do.  Those things will live forever!!

Trust me, the bumper sticker: 'Whoever dies with the most toys, WINS!"  is a lie!!!  I have actually learned that the things you have cause you problems.  Why, because you have to secure them, maintain them, insure them, and worry about them!!  Think about that!!

So, the next time I get retrospective, I am going to concentrate on what I have done for the Lord.

Note; This does not remotely look like what I was going to write!  But, it IS what God wanted me to write!   Funny how that happens.

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  1. You are living and leaving a God be the glory!!