Monday, August 3, 2015

More on agitation

I have written before about situations that case me to become extremely agitated.  One of them, and maybe the most intense anger and agitation causing item is someone constantly complaining about something I cannot do anything about!!

For instance, a few days ago we were taking our walk around the complex here in the retirement community we live in.  It is a scant mile around the roadway that circles our community.  The speed limit is 15 MPH.   That is a safe speed for a roadway that has hairpin turns and switchbacks.  Not to mention senior citizens walking on the side of the road.

Many of the folks that drive this road do more than 15 MPH.  Some are reckless and dangerous.  My wife spent the entire 45 minutes of walking, 3 laps around the compound, complaining about the speed of the cars  like I could do something about it!  Then, I lost my temper and walked in the middle of the street with my cane raised towards a car that was obviously speeding.  When the driver stopped, I verbally berated him for speeding!!  I probably scared the moron to death.  Not my problem, he was speeding and I was out of control with anger!!

Look folks, I cannot change anything in the world today.  There is no one in the world that does what I tell them too!  Not my wife, my son, my grandsons, or even the two poodles!!   So why wire brush me for the speed people drive, how they park, or anything else in this community!!!  Just leave me alone, I cannot fix anything!!  If you have a complaint, bug the Executive Director just half as much as I get heckled and something might get done.

I worry I may loose total control of my temper.  That would not be good for me, or anyone else.  So, please help me.  Please.

PS;  The next time I write about this, I will do my writing when my anger is out of control!!   Then you will see just how angry I am.  Expletives will NOT be deleted!

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