Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Who are YOU?

We have been exceptionally busy the last two weeks.  Busy equates to stress for me.  If I have more than one thing to do in any day, I am overwhelmed.  That stress usually manifests itself as increased Dementia issues.  And that is exactly what has happened.

I have had a continuing dream that I own a Cabin Cruiser boat and it is having numerous issues that I then try to figure out in my waking hours.  Then, a day or so ago, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and my wife came in behind me and touched me.  I jumped out of my skin, turned around, and did not recognize my wife!  I truly do not know why I did not punch her.  I am glad I did not!

Other issues have surfaced including irritability and mistrust of everyone around me.

Again, I have been experiencing degradation of my mental and physical condition.  This is just another example of the direction my condition is going.  While all this concerns me, I still remain hopeful.

More later.

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