Friday, July 10, 2015

Visiting Angels

I see the commercial for the various companies that provide people to sit with those of us with elderly issues.  I guess this is a good service, but where are the person's family?

The more my dementia progresses, the less I see family!  When I  could fix things, do things, be productive for people, I had list of company.  Now, none!

Dementia is a disease the patient faces alone!  No one really knows or can understand how you are being impacted.  No one really wants to understand what I am going through or be with me when I am dealing with this disease.  Since I am of no use to them, I am not worth being with.  Yes, I receive telephone calls and emails.  I appreciate those contacts and they help me immensely!  But an in person visit would be much more helpful.

I do understand people have their own lives.  They have to work, pay attention to their own families, do home chores, shop, and relax themselves.  So, I am at least number six on the list.  So, maybe I am just being sensitive.

Another issue is when I describe an issue to someone, and I get:  I have the same issue! An mine is really bad.  Go get your own diagnosis!   Here I am, trying to educate you to my plight, and you want to compete with me!!   That is one of the two insults that impact me.  The other is: "You don't look sick!  I don't see any symptoms!  Are you sure?"  That one is going to land me in jail someday!

So, I guess paying someone to be your parent's friend, driver, cook, game partner, at least soothes your guilty conscience.  My view is, don't come to my funeral and grieve if you could not spend quality time with me when I could enjoy your company.  As a matter of fact, I am thinking of NOT having a funeral.  Since my wife will not let me be buried at sea, I can at least control the attendance at an event about me.   Do I sound bitter?  Good, I am.

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