Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday night billiards

Every Sunday and Wednesday night, I play billiards right here in a First Class billiards room right here at Azalea Trace.   I wish my Dad could see this facility.  He would live in the Pool room!  He was a great pool player and I never caught on to the game.  Now, I am learning, from some elderly masters of the game.  They are more than happy to teach me and I appreciate their help.

My Dementia does impact my ability to play ad learn this game.  For instance, we play "8 Ball".  You either have the "Stripes or the Solids".  From one shot to the next, I do not remember what balls I am shooting at.  When we play partners, it becomes even more difficult.

Then, there is all the advice I get from the "Pros".  I forget how to apply they "English" on the ball from shot to shot since my short term memory is SHOT!

But, many of the men playing with me have the same issues.   We help each other stay on the right type of ball or help them to find their best shot, regardless if they are our opponent or teammate.  It is almost like we are playing against the effects of aging instead of each other.  We also cheer when one of us makes a great shot.

While most of the men I shoot pool with are in the 80- 90 age group, we all seem to have the same deficiencies of age.  Mine just came sooner than theirs.  And, no one seems to get angry when we miss a shot or try to shoot the wrong ball.  It is a group of friends, having a good time, playing a game of pool.  No pressure, not tension, just relaxing fellowship.  I truly enjoy these outings and I only have to walk to the next building and ride the elevator up to the third floor!

Living here at Azalea Trace has given me a social outlet that I lost when I quit driving.    This is a great place for me to be.

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