Sunday, July 19, 2015

An open, bold, post!

I have decided to address a problem that many men with LBD experience, including me.  If you are squeamish about sexual issues, QUIT READING NOW!!

I have written about autonomic functions and how LBD impacts them.  It is known that our blood pressure is controlled by our autonomic brain functions.  I wrote a few days ago about the low blood pressure I have recently experienced.  It appears to be OH.  I may have been having this issues for a while and did not know it.

But, low blood pressure, loss of muscle strength, and low stamina also negatively impact a man's ability to perform sexually.  In my case, and in cases I have referenced on the Internet, we have difficulty maintaining an erection and difficulty in achieving orgasm.  Sometime, orgasm is impossible, even if an erection is maintained.  Believe me, this is painful!

Some of you might say;  Why would you worry about sex?  You're too old for that!  No I am not.  And my wife is certainly not too old for sexual satisfaction.  But, I am unable to meet her needs.  This now becomes an emotional issue as well as a physical issue.

Some may say, take one of their miracle pills for men!  That may not be a good idea for someone with the medical issues and drugs most LBD patients deal with.

So, how do we deal with this issue.  First, talk to your medical team.  Your GP, Neurologist, Psychologist.  Second, realize you are not the only one having this difficulty.  You are not alone!   Third, there are other alternatives that will help you meet your partners sexual needs.  They may require you opening your mind a little, but how important is your Wife's sexual satisfaction to you?

Not every LBD male patient has this issue.   Some have the exact opposite problem!  They maintain an erection all the time and want sex frequently because they forget they just had sex!  This could also cause issues!!

My point is, LBD is a journey.  There will be a few issues that will cause you to try new and uncharted methods to live with the issue.  You and your wife can choose to be miserable or choose to try to solve the problem.  So, open your mind, talk to your doctors, and live!  Your life is shorter than it was yesterday.

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