Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Security, as seen through my eyes

It amazes me what gives me the feeling of security and calm now.  Before, my idea of security was a stockpile of food, water, ammo, and guns.  A home sturdy enough to defend and a vehicle that would endure most weather conditions.

Today, I have a total different perspective.  This evening, we took our own tour of the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing care facilities here a Azalea Trace.  Our tour was after dinner, totally unannounced, and without fanfare.  Boy was I impressed!

First, if you have ever been in a Skilled Nursing Facility, you know the smell of adult incontinence products is always present.  Well, not here at Azalea Trace!  There were no calls for attention, and no one abandoned in the hallway.  Instead, I saw content, well cared for individuals whose needs were being met.

Then we toured Assisted Living.  I asked one of the Nurses on duty to show us a vacant apartment.  She was more than happy to show us an empty couples apartment.  It had a large living room, a separate bedroom that would easily fit our King Size Bed, a bathroom that was roomy, safe, and fully equipped for my needs.  It had a well equipped kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, and plenty of cabinets.

The Single apartment was one room with a private bath that was roomy, clean, and well appointed.  There was an outside area that made me feel secure since it was enclosed by other wings of the facility.   There were benches, swings, a picnic area, and plenty of green spaces.  Inside, there was a multi-function room with BIG screen television and another separate lounge with a television and gas log fireplace.  They provide three meals a day, snacks, drinks, and coffee, 24/7.   I was ready to make the move right then and there.  Of course, my wife is not and I agree with her.  But, it gave both of us a sense of security and comfort knowing that Azalea Trace had these beautiful facilities ready for us when we need them.

I honestly feel secure here.  That is very important for me, and I see a smooth transition when the time comes.   As a Baby Boomer, it is good to know ACTS has our needs and wants in mind.  Thanks!

I can no longer meet my own security needs.  But, the community we live in can and does!   So, I am secure and comfortable.  That equals contentment for me.

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