Friday, June 5, 2015

Blowing off STEAM!!

I realize that my emotional control system is compromised.  I also realize my social filters are compromised.   I wish those around me understood these issues.  I also understand I need some way to blow off the built up emotions that I try so VERY hard to control!  But, I have no way, unfortunately.

When I was on active duty in the Navy, we used to go out and drink!  Beer, booze, or both!  We used those times at the "Club" built camaraderie and helped us get rid of the built up stress!   Since we all shared the same stress levels from the same problems, it was a "Support" group for stressed out sailors.

While I do not recommend this type of "Stress Relief" it did work for us.  Since I no longer participate in this sort of stress relief, I need to find a way to relieve this pressure before I blow up!

Screaming, punching walls, abusing the dogs or my wife are non starters.  And, since I cannot do ANYTHING about any thing that stresses me, I am all the more frustrated!!  For instance, my Wife continually brings up the parking issues her at Azalea Trace!  There is nothing in the world I can do to fix this issue. Why in the Hell do I hear about it, everyday!!  I had a spirited discussion with the Executive Director, to no avail.  Any other discussion of this issues only serves to piss me off!!

I have written about this before, at length.  You need to realize this is THE ONLY avenue I have to vent.  And short of beating the ship out of someone right now, it will have to do.

This is a terrible disease and I am tired of fighting with it.

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  1. Thank you for this post. It gives me a new perspective with my mom.