Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Second straight morning of stucado Commands!

Some folks don't learn things easily!!!  Reread yesterday's post for a refresh.  I need quiet in the morning. I do not want to hear complaints, orders, reasons why life is bad, or negative issues when I am trying to wake up.  For instance, I got ten minutes on why all the towels we have do not dry her!  The dry me!!  It takes me a while to get myself on an even keel in the morning.  I dream, all night and it is difficult to disengage my mind from my dream state to reality. These are the truths of LBD.  Learn to live with it!!

Of course, later in the morning I get quizzed on why I am upset!  Reread yesterday's post and you will know why!!!!  I finally explain why.  Like I have before!!

The truth is, LBD has progressed and IS taking over more and more.  But people still treat me like nothing is wrong.  I guess they want me to be "Normal".  Well, I am not "Normal" and I never will be again.  So, again, learn to live with it!!

As you may realize, I am still angry about the recent mornings and the way things have been gong in general for recent time.   Now, I try very hard, to control my anger and keep my emotions in check.  This causes internal stress for me which amplifies everything else!   I recommend everyone who knows me read the Lewy Body Dementia Website to learn about what I am going through and what is coming around the corner.  We have arrived at the real, terrible, issues of LBD!!  Again, learn about it, and then, live with it!!  I am tired of the way I am being treated and dealt with.  I ned to be treated like I have LBD.  Why?!  Because I have LBD!!

I am sure other LBD patients have these issues also.  They, like me, probably do not voice their frustration.  Then, one day, they explode in an emotional diatribe and you, the caregiver, look surprised!  Well, wipe that fake "surprised" look off your self-centered face and educate yourself.  This is serious stuff and we need your help, understanding, and most of all, your full attention!!!

This phase of my LBD journey is more difficult and involves issues that are harder to deal with for me and everyone else.  Sometimes, I believe it would be much easier for me to be in a facility that deals with dementia patients.  Untrained, uneducated, caregivers are not prepared or equipped to help and deal with the issues a LBD patients is experiencing.

Now, realize, I am reacting from two days of emotional upheaval and stress.   But, other caregivers, do you ever wonder why your LBD patient is reacting the way he or she is?  Maybe, I have given you some insight into my issues and emotions.

LBD is not easy, not benign, and not going away.  Again, get educated and deal with your LBD patient where he IS, not where you want or think he is.  Missing the mark here causes big, negative, issues for both of you.

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