Monday, May 18, 2015

My "Drill Instructor" care giver!

Every morning, I get up before my wife.  I take my thyroid medicine, make the coffee, and check email.  She normally gets up just as I am sitting down to drink my coffee.  As she comes into the living room, I say "Good Morning Beautiful", and then it begins.

You see, my wife's mind NEVER  shuts off!!   She wakes up with this flow of ideas, jobs for me, and list of things I have done wrong.  Then, as she enters the living room, she obviously sees more thing that are my fault.   Funny, nothing is ever HER fault!   As I am trying to drink my coffee, trying to wake up, she is flying around the apartment doing what ever is on her mind, telling me what I have done wrong, and giving me, in rapid succession, my orders for the day!!

If it did not upset me so much it might be funny.  And YES, I have calmly discussed this "Mental Torture" with her on numerous occasions.  I have told her that I need quiet in the morning to get myself awake and on a even keel.  It has not sunk in!   So, every morning is a replay, somewhat like the movie "Groundhog".

Sometimes, I think spouses should not be caregivers.

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