Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Do you remember the joke about the guy who got bit by a rattlesnake?

There is an old joke about a fellow out on a hike with his friend.  He has to relieve himself and does so next to a bush.  All of the sudden a rattlesnake bites him, you guessed it.  The poor fellow is screaming; "I'm gonna die!!!"  His friend calms him down and tells him he is NOT going to die and to be calm and rest while he goes to town to get a doctor.   While in town, the friend learns the only doctor is on vacation.  He finds an "Old Timer" at the General Store and that fellow tells him;,  If a person is bit by a rattlesnake, you have to make a "X" shaped incision over each fang mark and then suck the poison out!"  The fellow quickly returns to s friend with the rattlesnake bite and tells him:  "Your gonna DIE!!"

Today, I visited my Neurologist.  He is a good, adequate, caring doctor.  He is not Doctor Bowles of Norfolk!  He asked how I was doing and what issues I had.  He also asked if we thought the disease had progressed further.  Then, he asked if I was going to kill someone or myself?!

I have dementia, I am not crazy!!!  If I kill someone, I am going to prison or the death penalty.  Of course, with the length of going to trial, the trial, and the appeals process, I will be so far down the Dementia road, I will not know or care if they put me to death!  Maybe he has a point!!

And as far as committing suicide, well, I intend to stick around as long as I can and be a burden on society!  I paid all these years for Blue Cross, Long Term Insurance,  Social Security, Medicare, and Tricare for Life!!  If I kill myself, I will never collect on these investments!!

So, I am here as long as God has planned for me to be.  I think the Neurologist should pay more attention to my symptoms and less to my demise!!

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