Thursday, May 28, 2015


My GP thinks I should get another Colonoscopy.  I said I would never subject myself, willingly, to that torture agin!  No, not the torture of the procedure.  The torture of the clean out!!  Uck!!  But, it has been 5 or 6 years and I did have a BIG pre-cancerous tumor removed, along with half of my colon, in 2001.  So, I am a great candidate for screening.

Then, she set it up at a medical facility right next to where we live and it happens next Tuesday!!  I guess she thought I would have second thoughts!  Well, I do!  But, my Wife will make sure I do this.

Speaking of my colon surgery.  The Doctor that is doing my Colonoscopy told me, the tumor type I had removed was a particularly aggressive type!  I was never told that before!!   But, I provided them with the lab results of the tumor and that was the basis of their statement.  God blessed me with these 14 years!  I have tried to use them wisely.  But now, the LBD fight is getting difficult.

This, along with issues I cannot specifically figure out, has me on edge, agitated, angry, and out of sorts.  And, my cognitive skills have slipped again.  So, it seems I may be in for a tough time.

I really have not leveled off since the Namenda XR experiment.  I thought I had, but I continue to be a simmering volcano of emotions.  I do my very best to control this and keep it in.  But, it still spills out.  For instance, just now, typing the word "out" I timed "I" instead of "O" three times.  "I" backspace, delete, "I", three times!!  The forth time I nearly punched the "O" through the bottom of the key board!!    Yep, I have anger issues.

I have also written in the recent past, I think, that I now am sure Lewy Body Dementia is gaining the upper hand.  I have fought the good fight, but I am now sure I am loosing!   This revelation is difficult to swallow.

My wife is quiet about this.  We have talked about it, a little.  Mostly, I talked and she listened, agreed quietly, and then we talked about something else.  It is hard for her also.  

So, this is what we are dealing with today.  There is no telling what state I will be in tomorrow.  I will continue to cling to the good times and down play the difficult ones.  But, I will also continue to report all conditions, openly, honestly, and with all candor.

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