Sunday, May 17, 2015

A lone visit to the Commissary

Friday, my wife had duty in the Azalea Trace Library.   Since Friday is also the day the Azalea Trace bus makes a trip to the Commissary we decided I would shop alone, for the first time in a long time.  No problem, I thought!  Linda mad a very good shopping list to keep me from spending a couple of hundred dollars on impulse buys and I am comfortable with the folks that normally ride the bus on Fridays.  So, off I went, at 8:30, on time, on my own.

The ride over was good and I had a number of friends to talk with.  When we arrived at the Commissary, it was apparent everything was different!  They were having a "Case Lot" sale in the parking lot.  There were lines of people every where!  Change!  My biggest fear had struck.

I proceeded to the Commissary entrance and to my surprise, there was no line.  I showed my Military ID and proceeded to get a basket and shop.  As I read the list, all organized by isle, I became very foggy and uncomfortable.  I continued to follow the list and walk each isle in the order we always follow.  Even though there was nothing on the list in an isle, I followed the familiar path.

As I completed the path and the list, it was time to check out.  I had collected a couple of coupons as I shopped and had a couple with me.  I actually managed to use the correct bank card to pay for the groceries!   Most times, I use the credit card instead of the check card. Not a big problem, but a mistake that frustrates me.  But, Friday, I did it right.

Then, I had to find the Azalea Trace bus!  The place Frank the driver picks us up was blocked by the "Case Lot" sale.  Where was the bus.  I chose to wait with other residents until we saw the bus approach.  There was safety in numbers.

I bring this story to you to illustrate how frightening it is for a person with dementia to do things that used to be common occurrence.  I was very uncomfortable from the time I saw the parking lot full of tents and case lots of food, paper towels, and canned goods.  Any change is terrifying.  

Will I do it again?  Probably.  Will I be any more comfortable?  Most likely not.

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