Sunday, May 10, 2015

A great gift from my loving Daughter in Law

I have written before about my hands being "Busy" specially in the evenings.  I pick my face, chew my fingers, pull off scabs or even pull out hair.  I can't stop.  I saw "Busy Blankets" on the internet and I thought one would help me.  My wonderful wife told our Daughter in Law, who is an exceptionally talented quilter.  She set to work to create me a masterpiece and she did.

Today, before our Mother's Day dinner at Azalea Trace, my Daughter in law had our son present MY "Busy Quilt".  She wanted it ti be quietly presented as to mot embarrass me.  She is that thoughtful.

I see my busy quilt as a way to stop or at least slow my picking, biting, and bleeding.   But it also represents love and caring from my Daughter in Law.  I deeply appreciate her gift and will cherish it.

Thanks Juliette.

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