Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why do we live at Azalea Trace?

Today, we had a water leak.  We noticed it when we got up from our afternoon nap.  It was after normal working hours, so I called the maintenance number.  In a matter of minutes, Security was in our apartment doing an assessment of the situation.   After determining that the leak was a condensate drain issue Security called in the duty maintenance man and he was here in less than 20 minutes!

Mean while, Security showed up with a shop vacuum and began cleaning up the water!  Our Security folks are wonderful people that are our life lines.  If someone signals a medical emergency,  Security is there.  If there is an after hours maintenance issue, Security personnel do the preliminary troubleshooting.  Many times they solve the issue, immediately.  Even if your car has a dead battery, Security comes to the rescue.  All of this, while making security rounds, throughout the community.  Again, they are our life lines!!

Back to the leak.  The maintenance man, Mark, discovered the problem in less that 15 minutes and had it repaired in less that 30 minutes.  Then, he and the Security person tested to make sure the condensate drain was working correctly and cleaned up after themselves.

Why do we choose to live in a Continuing Care Retirement Community like Azalea Trace?  Because Continuing Care not only means all the medical possibilities are covered and provided for, but the emergencies and daily maintenance issues are dealt with.  If we owned a home, we might still be waiting for a plumber or AC&R technician.  Or, I could crawl up in the attic and try to find the issue. Oh, wait, I am not allowed on ladders anymore.

Today just cemented in my mind that we did the right thing.  Thanks Azalea!

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  1. I'm glad the positives of your move continue to outweigh the negatives!