Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I just figured it OUT!!

This morning, like I do every Tuesday morning, I attended a 6AM Men's prayer group at my Church.  16 men meet to pray for each other others, and the Church.  We also have a discussion time.  One of our member's relatives is dealing with Alcoholism.   That individual is in a treatment program and doing well.  Praise God!!

But, we discussed how individuals with addictions have problems staying away from the things they are addicted too.  One important issues is for them to find a totally new friend group.  When I drank, all my friends drank.  Now, none of my friends drink.

Many folks with addictions turn to the Lord for help and salvation.  They go to Church and are shunned!  Why, because they look, act, talk, different.  They were not raised up in the Church so they don't know memory verses, hymns, praise songs, or where John 3: 16 is in the Bible!  So, the regular Church gores shun them and those seeking help from the Church and God's people leave the ONE place they need to be.

I have commented before on my issues with people telling me I am not sick, I do not have dementia, I look and act perfectly fine, and on and on.  They are doing that for the same reason Church people shun addicts!   They don't want to be around them.

Maybe those who do not have an issue don't want to catch an issue from us.  Cancer is OK, they know you can't catch that, even from a toilet seat!  But, maybe they can catch dementia!  Or alcoholism!!  After all, those diseases are dirty!!  People with dementia soil their under ware don't they.  We can't be around people like that.

But, as ling as the "Washed" ones deny I have dementia, they can be around me, at a distance.  And tat is ho people treat me, from distance!  If I hide my disease, I am being dishonest and not transparent!  I thought, as a Christian, honesty was the only way to be.  Evidently, not so.

Even here in Azalea, I feel a coldness from folks that I have told about my disease.  Yet, we see and talk to a number of folks that have early signs of dementia.  Trust me, if you have dementia or you are the spouse of someone with dementia, you can see the signs.  But, if they deny it,they are OK!  So, they lie to themselves or others, and they are accepted.

I once told you I felt very much at home in a Memory Support facility we looked at before we moved to Azalea.  I really think I should have insisted I move there, either then!!  That was the most comfortable and accepted I felt in a long time.  Why, because I was with my kind!

SO, no I understand why I am treated the way I am.  I figured it out!!

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