Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I feel lost, distant, and disconnected

I have recently written that my experience with LBD has moved further down the road.  That is even more apparent to me now.  The last couple of days, I have felt lost and isolated.  Things seem far away and I am disconnected from the here and now.  This is dementia!  Now I understand where my Father in Law was, so many tears ago when he suffered with Alzheimer's.  No one knew how to help him then, and there were no drugs like Namenda and Arecept.  They just tied him i his chair to prevent him from wandering.

Much has changed, yet much has not.  I can still function in our apartment.  But, I am not here, I am somewhere else.  I recognize my wife and I still interact with people.  But that is a chore for me now.  I once was very out going.  Now, I would much rather be insulated in the cocoon of my mental world.

This is dementia, finally coming into full bloom.  I think it will be comfortable for me.

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  1. Thank for keeping us updated! It's a gift for us to be able to hear from another what it's like.