Friday, April 10, 2015

An issue solved, that I caused!

If you do not read my Navy bolt, you do not know that I was having some minor, but irritating, issues with our CCRC.  Now, this is a beautiful place to live and as it turned out, I was probably a major part of the issues.  So, I learned a few things today and I wanted to copy the final post a bout these issues on my LBD blog as well.

As those of you know, I have been experiencing anger and agitate issues ad I have progressed down the LBD road.  This was very apparent as this situation played out.  So, here is that post for your info;

We had our meeting with the Executive Director of Azalea Trace this afternoon.  I must admit, he was a very congenial and honest person.  He explained some events that lead up to him and us not meeting or forging a relationship and I agreed with him on those points.

Right up front, we both agreed that if we had started out on the right foot, this disagreement would not have happened because we would have had an open line of communications.  We have now established that circuit.

That being said, he completely answered my issues concerning the parking lot issues.  We did differ on the treatment of certain members of our community.   But, it is OK to have different opinions.  The bottom line her is, I honestly believe the parking issues will be solved, to the betterment of the community, very soon.  The truth is, based on our written question, the ED was already working on the solution.  I did encourage him to publicize the actions from the Resident Meetings on the Community Cable Channel or an email to the residents.  This would help at least me, if not most of the residents keep informed.  Waiting a month for an update seems sort of secretive.  Especially when he and his staff are actually solving the issue in a timely manner.  Why NOT take credit for your good work.   Open, frequent, informative, communications serve to beat down rumors and soothe bruised egos.

Our refrigerator issue was a little different.  It seems I did not hear the entirety of the first offer from the ED to solve our problem.  This is where I learned something today.  I either did not hear what Ginger told me or I confused what she said with my own view.  Either way, it is entirely possible that I caused the misunderstanding and I am very sorry about that.  In any case, he was very understanding and helpful concerning our refrigerator issue.  He even came to our apartment to see the problem  and after seeing it, he commented;  That would be very annoying."  In any case, we will be able to remedy this problem too.

If you read my Lewy Body Dementia blog, you know I have been having anger and agitation issues.  In his defense, the ED did not know this or even that I had LBD.  That relates back to our not meeting in the beginning.   So, another thing I learned today is, from now on, Linda will have to take the lead on these issues.   My brain can no longer logically look at issues without interjecting the emotion of the moment into the mix.   To keep peace in the community and our life, it makes sense for me to completely remove myself from these negotiations.

This has turned out to be a very draining and upsetting situation that I most likely caused.  I probably caused Ginger and her boss, Dave, more problems than I am worth.   Not to to mention the indigestion I caused the ED.  But, we are all on the same sheet of music and I learned a few things.  So, it was not a total loss.

Now, I think I will just sit down and shut up.  Good night.

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