Thursday, March 19, 2015

The NAVY was and IS my life!

We had friends from Church over tonight for dinner in the dinning room of Azalea Trace.  We had a great dinner and the tour of the campus.  We then went to our apartment and socialized.  I dominated the conversation and all I could talk about was Navy and my Navy experience.   It is a good thing our guests were career Navy.  The difference is, He served in the Navy as a career.  I lived Navy and still do.

More and more, all I think about is Navy.  With the exception of my Ministry at Bay Breeze Assisted Living Facility, I might as well be in the Navy!   I even find myself discussing, in my mind, whether I should "Put in my papers" to retire!

I have written before about the experience I had, while my wife was at her Bible Study, I hallucinated that I was on a ship, in the gun mount, discussing the fact that the Gunner's Mates we not doing Pre-Fire procedures correctly.  I was talking out loud, walking around, in my mind, on the ship!

The folks I worked with as a Civil Servant used to say that I never took my uniform off when I retired from active duty.  The real truth is, I never retired in my mind and I have not retired yet.   And, as my LBD progresses, and it is progressing, I am more and more living in the Navy!

I cannot talk to someone without checking their pedigree.  What service, Officer, Enlisted, Surface, Air, Submarine, Duty stations, and the other question; "Did you know so and so?"

I realized tonight that I am much worse off mentally, than even I thought.   When Linda and I are home alone, I seldom talk about anything but Navy.  Not even cars, houses, being a survivalist or guns!  I am  almost totally entrenched in my Navy experience.

The revelation that came to me tonight shook me.  I am farther down the Lewy Body road than I thought.  This thing is winning, and I am soon to be lost in my Navy thoughts.

Oh well, at least it was a time I look upon fondly.


  1. Your extreme focus on one thing "the navy" explains a lot to me. My husband is focused on one thing also. Thanks

  2. My Mom was an insurance agent for over 45 years and this is what she focused on for most of her day.

  3. My Mom was an insurance agent for over 45 years and this is what she focused on for most of her day.

  4. Dear Mr. Silverfox,

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