Sunday, March 8, 2015

Namenda XR possible side effects

This week, I started taking Namenda XR.  I have been on Namenda, twice a day, for a long time.  But, my doctor decided Namenda XR would be easier for me.  He said, the difference was it was "Timed Release" and I would only have to take it once a day.  Big deal!  I take eight pills in the morning, and twelve in the evening.  One pill more in the evening is no big deal.  But, I do what my doctor says, until it causes me issues.  And Namenda XR may be causing me issues.

What are the symptoms?  I have been much more grumpy and agitated, starting about two days after the medicine change, according t my wife.  I am also much more cognitively impaired.  I am more foggy and disconnected mentally.

I guess we will sat the course for another week or so to see if these issues subside.  If not, we will talk to the prescribing physician and ask to go back n regular, twice a day, Namenda.

The last thing my wife needs is me more grouchy and agitated than I normally am.  And I do not like feeling more cognitively compromised.   So, we will see what we will see.

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  1. My mom had numerous side effects with the XR and once we were able to get Namenda again, it also caused severe problems she never had before.

    Namenda was working for her for several just a few months she is a completely different person, unable to walk, increased memory loss, seeing things and more.

    This has been a disaster what they did. I am trying to find if others are having the same problems.