Monday, March 16, 2015

Namenda, Part Three!

OK, the Psychiatrist that runs my drugs told me to stop taking Namenda XR and go back to the twice a day Namenda.  That was last Friday.  The negative effects have NOT subsided!!  If anything, I may be even MORE agitated and angry.  This is not a good thing, trust me.  If you remember, I got very angry when we lived in the Senior's Apartment in Virginia and almost caused some people bodily harm!!  Presently, I am maintaining my cool.  But I hope this wears off soon.

Another issue, that may or may not be related to the Namenda XR.  The pain in my legs has become almost unmanageable.   My legs hurt all the time.  And any pain that does not subside becomes an issue.  I have not taken any pain meds yet, but that is soon to change if this does not go away.

I have explained before that LBD is a "Plateau" disease.  I believe I have fallen of the plateau I was on for quite a while and dropped to a "new normal" because of the Namenda XR experiment.

That is the nature of this disease and I expect it.  That does not make it easier to deal with.  However, it is the fact and nature of this disease, and I am sure my disease has taken me to the next, lower, level.

More to come.

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