Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Wife is special!

You know we recently went through a down turn caused by a shift from Namenda to Namenda XR.  We shifted back to regular Namenda and I am getting less grumpy and my cognitive skills have seemed to level out.  So, for the moment, we are back on course.  All be it, somewhat altered.

I also have a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder that has needed repair for quite a while.  I cannot lift much with my left arm and my motion is limited in that arm.  The pain is significant and I would like to get it repaired.  However, general anesthesia is not a good idea for LBD patients because there is a better than 50% chance I will not wake up in the same Time Zone!!

My Wife is against the surgery because she wants me as I used to be!  She clings to the hope I will not get any worse and she wants to avoid anything that might make me worse.

That is a Special Love!  People often try to change their spouse or friends.  I have heard it said, he would be great if he would only stop doing this!  But, my Wife likes me just as I was.  Of course, I am not as I was and I will never be that good again.   But, she still loves me, cares for me, and ignores my many faults.

It takes a Special type of Love to deal with the problems caused by LBD.  Yet, she does it with a smile.  Through all my emotional ups and downs, my hallucinations, my urinary leaks, and my cognitive decline, she is always by my side, holding my hand, and ensuring me I am fine!  She never tells me I have declined.  Instead, she tells me about all the things I can still do!

I am blessed to have Linda as my wife and care giver.

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