Thursday, March 26, 2015


I have talked about having issues with controlling urine and solid waste.  It seems now that I get NO forewarning as to having to GO!

Tonight, we went out to dinner with our Son's in-laws.  It was his brother in-laws birthday.  We know all of our Son's sister in-laws and their husbands and we like them.  So, this was a very enjoyable evening.   The restaurant was about 15 minutes from our retirement community.  When we left the restaurant I did not have to go.   When we got home, the loyal doggy duo needed to go out.  I felt no emergency to go, although I knew I would have to go in the near future.   So, we took the dogs out and after about 5 minutes, I realized that I was in extremes!!    I had to Go!  Now!!

Now, my wife is not comfortable with me going behind something to hide and relieve myself.  No peeing on the trees!!   So, we started walking back to our apartment, quickly.  It became painfully apparent I was not going to make it!!  I could no longer control the leakage and I was wetting my pants, in uncontrollable pressurized leaks.

I dashed into the building before ours and, leaking all the way, I made it to the public bathroom on the first floor.   My underwear and Levis were soaked!  I walked home, now unpressurized, and told my wife of my accident!

Now, she understands and is sympathetic.  I have resisted wearing adult incontinence products, but the is the second time in two days that I am washing soiled clothes.   Yes, last night, I woke up with soiled skivvies.

I know that my LBD is causing this.  It is one of the issues that occur about half way down the LBD road.  And, that is where I am.  But, know, and understanding, does not make the frustration and embarrassment go away.

But, it is time to man up and buy some adult incontinence products.  Since I suffer from both urine and solid waste issues, throw away skivvies are the only thing that will work.

I will let you know my choice and how they work.  How in-depth my report will be.  It just Depends!

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  1. /thank You for being so honest. It really does help.