Sunday, March 29, 2015

Anger vs Pain

It is worth the study to see how constant pain impacts one's mental picture.  I have had leg pain. off and on, due to my LBD for quite a while.  In the past, the pain has been limited to the evenings.  But recently my leg pain has been almost constant, along with upper arm pain and some neck pain.  In the evenings, my leg pain increases to the point that I am now taking some pain medicine.  And if you know me, you will know I do not take pain meds unless I am in extreme pain.

I have also told you I have been having issues with increased agitation and anger.  I have connected that to my recent experiment with Namenda XR since the anger and agitation increased right after I started taking that new drug.  But, there may be a contributory cause in the leg pain.  I don't know and it is hard for me to definitively tell.

The point is, being in constant pain must be contributing to my issues.

I am also having increased stability issues when walking in the open.   Walking down the hallways here at Azalea I do OK.  We have grab rails if I need them.  But, for instance, today walking in the gravel Church parking lot, I had issues with my feet shuffling while walking. That made me unstable.

Oh well, more challenges to overcome!

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