Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A friend that is closer than a brother!

I have told you before that I have Lewy Body Dementia.  I spend much of the time thinking about my time in the Navy.  What I have not told you is that every week I spend at least an hour on the telephone with my dearest friend, GMC Jerry Hart.

I first met Jerry as a student at Gun School.  He was a NAVVET student converting from Corpsman to Gunner's Mate.  We were stationed together later in our career when he became the Gunner's Mate E-5 and below and schools detailer.  Jerry is a consummate professional.  A dedicated Navy man and lover and he and I became life long friends.

Jerry knows what I am going through and every week we talk for as long as I need to get back on an even keel.  It does not matter what we talk about, Navy becomes the topic.  Most of the time, Jerry mentions an event that I remember and off I go.   Cussing and discussing the events of my Navy experiences as I remember them.  Then, when I wind down, Jerry skillfully interjects another issue that HE KNOWS I will react too.  And off I go again.

Jerry is better at therapy than my Psychologist was!!  Today, as is the norm, Jerry called me and we talked for an hour and 26 minutes!!  It is heaven for me.  A release from my LBD problems and a trip down memory lane.  

Jerry has his own health problems, yet he is such a good friend, that he worries about me more than himself.  There is a Bible verse that says: "a friend sticks closer than a brother."  Jerry is that friend for me.

Jerry has put up with my ambitions, my self-centered nature, and all of my quirks and never complained.  He is closer to me than any blood relative.  Jerry has carried me farther than I have gone on my own.  I appreciate him, respect him, and love him as a brother.

This is a topic I should have written on before.  Tonight, my head has been full of my thoughts of Jerry and our friendship.  I am a luck man to have him as my friend.

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