Friday, February 6, 2015

Today, the reality of growing old hit us!

Today, we had a busy day planned.  An outing with fellow Azalea Trace residents bowling at 9AM, followed by a possible trip to the Commissary, follower by a 2:15 PM eye doctor appointment for my wife.  A busy schedule at best.  Of course, it did not happen as planned.

We both were running snow this morning, so we did not go bowling.  We did go to the Commissary and had a leisurely shopping trip.  We came home, put away the groceries, and took both dogs for a walk.  We were walking around the Azalea Trace campus with the dogs enjoying their sniffing and marking duties.

About two-thirds around the campus, with Marcel and me walking behind Linda and Cherie, Linda suddenly fell, face forward, onto the paved road.

I saw her fall.  It looked as if her right leg gave way and she fell forward like a tree falling.   I rushed to her side and she was already sitting up.  He glasses were broken, her right eye was already swelling!   She got to her feet with my help, and cheeked herself over. Her head hurt and her right eye was swelling fast.  We walked back to our apartment, put the dogs in, and immediately went to the nurses office which is right next to our apartment.  The RN, named Sandy, immediately checked Linda out and strongly recommended we head to the Emergency room.

At the Emergency room, we were see quickly and within 45 minutes, Linda was in for a CT scan of her head.  The results were negative and after a complete exam from the Emergency Room Doctor, we were discharged.  AT that time, Linda felt good enough to try to get her glasses repaired since she cannot drive with out them.  We did cancel her appointment with the eye doctor while we were in the ER since we were both sure she would not be able to have her eyes examined with her right eye all but swollen closed.  Good decision.

Walmart quickly came up with a set of frames that fit her lenses and we went home.  She is now asleep.  Her eye is sporting a terrific shiner!  Her eye is black from her eye lid to below her eye and from her nose to the far side of her eye.  You will notice I said BLACK, not Black and Blue.  She is also stiff and sore from the jolt of falling and has a skinned knee.

My concern is;  What caused that fall.  She has fallen before in the past,  and she has almost fallen recently.  But what is causing this?

The other issues is, me.  Technically, my neurologist permits me to drive with someone in the car.  I chose not to drive a while ago.  But, I retained my drivers license, legally, for emergencies just like today.   And with her glasses repaired, she will probably return to the driver's seat.  But, if these falling issues persist, our mobility will be seriously curtailed.  Because, while I drive well, my issues preclude me from returning to the driver's seat full time.

We will see what happens next.   But this is another example of how LBD effects both the sufferer and the care giver.  I will keep you informed.  

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