Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This depression issue is getting worse!

I have been dealing with increased depression and apathy for the last few weeks.   Things upset me and set me off in a way that causes me concern.  Today, while my wife was at BSF,  I went to the community Coffee Klatch to talk to some folks.  I left that time angry and upset.   I truly cannot tell you why, but I am spun up!

And this is happening more and more.  Little things upset me and then I dwell on them and get even more angry.  I have little desire to be social and times like this reinforce that emotion.

Nothing seems to be right in my life right now.  Not that I can put my finger on any specific thing.  I am just upset, unhappy, and very angry, at everything and almost everyone.  I try diligently to control these negative emotions, holding the in, and trying to be polite and kind to everyone around me.  But, I would truly like to punch some of these folks, none specific, in the nose!

I can't tell you what anti-depressants I take, but they obviously are not working!!   I do not know what to do.  And I really don't have the desire to go through the inquisition a doctor will put me through to get help.  So, I am at an impasse.

Oh well, it does not matter as long as I can control myself and appear to be normal.  It is hard to see through the fog of LBD.  So, I really do not know where I am going anymore.

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  1. I have been on antidepressants in the past & at least one of them caused more irritation. But I know they can be very helpful for people. I wish you luck.