Saturday, February 7, 2015

The "Fall" part two

Just to keep everyone updated.  Linda is doing well.  He "Black Eye" is too!  Wow!  The shape of her glasses is completely black.  It covers her entire eye are.  Even where her glasses bridge touched her nose is black.  Now, the bruising is moving down and out.  When this is done, the entire right side of her face will be bruised.  Yet, surprisingly, she does not have much pain.  I am glad.

We have carried out a normal schedule today.   We even walked!  And everyone her at Azalea Trace has asked how she is doing.  The Nurse even called this morning to check on Linda.  What a wonderful community.

Tomorrow, we will go to Church.  What else would we do on Sunday?  Life goes on.  Thanks for your prayers.

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