Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OK, who do I punch!

Dementia is a difficult disease to manage,  Trust me.  Before I was affected by LBD, I was a hot head!  I could reduce most people to a puddle of tears just with my yelling.  Then, if that did not accomplish what I wanted, I could move on to more violent measures.   Back, before LBD, I could turn on and turn off my anger.  But, with the onset of LBD, I must control myself, all the time!

You may remember that back in Virginia, I got aggravated with a family moving into our retirement apartments and I lost my temper, BIG TIME!!  I was ready and willing to fight, anyone or all of them at once.  Then, I went over and verbally assaulted the management staff!

Needless say, I learned then that I cannot let my emotions dictate how I act.  Why, because, with dementia, the authorities are more than likely going to place me somewhere that I cannot hurt myself or someone else.  So, I now take extraordinary measures to control my emotions.

For instance, I seldom watch the news.  Why?  You know why.  I do not read political news on the Internet.  And I seldom discuss the state of our country with others.  No, I prefer to live in my world.  It is safer for me and those around me.

I realize some of you may be cringing right now.  But, I believe I am being responsible.

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