Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How would you answer everyday questions if your social filters were OFF?!

I was sitting here thinking about all the lies we tell everyday.  Those everyday questions we have learned the "Correct" answers too.  Like what?  You already know many of them.

For instance;  How are you doing today?  Up answer; Fine, never felt better.  But, in you mind, behind that social filter, you would like to answer;  My ass hurts, and I have to deal with a toad like you!

Then there are those questions you don't dare answer truthfully.  Like; Honey, are you happy?  Go on, answer that one truthfully.  Or, Do you take this woman to be your wife, until death do you part?  You said; I do.  But in you mind, behind those social filters you said;  Hell no!  What am I doing?  Boy am I screwing up!!  Where's the exit?  Will anyone see me leave?  Boy am I screwed!! And finally; I didn't know this was a death sentence?!  Until DEATH do we part?!

No, we do not answer questions honestly in polite society.  Too bad, because life would be much better if we did.  If we were able to be honest with our spouse, our friends, our co-workers.

Like when you wife asks; Does this dress make me look fat?  You know damn all you can't touch that one with a ten foot pole!

Or, Does she look sexier than I do?  You answer, no, or not to me, or, she's too young, or some other lame excuse.  But what is really going through your mind?

Now, do our wives have the same social filter issues.  I am sure they do.  But, we continue to deceive each other.  And we get mad at Politicians!

Now, those of us with Dementia, have damaged or even completely broken social filters.  So, when one of us tells the truth, you just let is pass as part of the disease.  I guess that's good.  But, it is a lie too.

I'm not sure I like polite society anymore.  Maybe I will just tell the truth as I see it from now on.  People around me will give me a pass and I will feel better.  Sounds good to me.

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