Sunday, February 1, 2015

How I HAVE dealt with my disease

In Church today, as I was getting ready to act as a server for Communion, I was praying to get my thoughts in line with Communion.  Suddenly, it came to me, that I had been using my disease as a crutch in life!  More over, I had not gone to the Lord and asked for HIS guidance, and if possible HIS healing!!  In fact, I had asked the Lord NOT to heal me.

These were disturbing and sobering thoughts.  But true!!

So, right there, right then, privately, with God listening, I asked God to lead me through my journey with LBD and to heal me, if it were his perfect plan.   I also confessed my sins and shortcomings in how I dealt with LBD.   I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me and keep me from using my disease as a crutch or excuse.

This is a change that I did not see coming.  But I welcome it and fully embrace it.  Will it change my prognosis?  It certainly could!  Will it change how I deal with Lewy Body Dementia?  Absolutely!!

I confess that I have been trying to navigate this journey on my own.  God let me know that today in those quiet moments in front of our fellowship.  I will now ignore that gentle nudge.  God does speak to us, if we listen.  I did.  Praise God, from who all blessing fall!

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