Thursday, January 1, 2015

The negative effects of the move

While I have experienced some issues, discussed in other blogs, related too or caused by the move, Marcel the Wonder Dog, my long time companion has had some rather disturbing developments that surfaced last night.

He has had seizures before, that we first thought were mini strokes.  The Vet determined he had low thyroid and prescribed the same medication I take for the same condition,  His is a larger dose than mine!  But yesterday, he had at least two seizure episodes that frightened both of us.  Since we had been through this before, I held hm and talked to him while he was shaking and was partially paralyzed.  In about ten minutes, the seizure stopped and he acted like nothing happened.

I looked this up on Pet Med MD and got the same information.  I plan on taking hi to the Vet next week, or sooner, if he gets worse.  While Marcel is 11, and miniature poodles can live to 20, I understand he is getting older and has issues.  I also understand that I may loose him.  That would be tough for Linda and me, but, we have lost loved pets before.  It is tough!  It hurts.  But, we recovered, after a while.

Just the same, Marcel's last seizures started just after we moved to Florida.  So, the recent seizures probably can be traced to the stress of moving once again.  Not his is familiar to him.  I understand that.  Linda did EVERYTHING she could to acclimate me to our new lay out.  She walked me around the apartment and showed me where everything was, twice!!  I still can't find some things, but I know where the important things are, like my pills and my coffee cup!!

Today, Marcel seems to be his old, prancing, perky, self!!  I am glad.  He keeps me happy and on an even keel.  I love that dog!!

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