Thursday, January 15, 2015

The impact of the move, part two

We are acclimating to Azalea Trace very well.  We have met many Christian people and have enjoyed those conversations at many dinners.  Tonight we spent two hours at dinner tonight discussion Christian topics and finding out that the people we were eating with had many mutual friends with us!

Then there are some very interesting Navy folks here with some exceptional sea stories. Almost every meal brings another person or couple that we connect with on a number of levels.  Almost all of them are older than us, but that does not seem to matter.   We are neighbors and all in the same boat together.

Today, my slippers came!  I ordered elk hide slippers from LL Bean.  They are like walking on pillows!  They have non slip soles and I love them.  They are at the direction of my Doctor.  It seems some pain I was experiencing, that I have mot forgot, would be helped with good, supportive, slippers.  I have them but I forgot what the pain was.  Oh well.

My cognitive issues are probably going to stay where they are.  I do not see any rebound.  Again, no big deal.  I am smart enough to accept the fact that I cannot stay where I was or even where I am, forever.  This disease has to progress.  That is what a progressive, neurological, disease does!  Progress!

One of the issues both my wife and I see is speech difficulties.  Either I cannot remember the word I am looking for, or even an alternative word.  Or, I cannot form the word and I studded and stumble over my tongue that is waving around my mouth uncontrollably.  It is frustrating for me.  Today, at our weekly Bible Study at the Gulf Breeze Assisted Living Facility, I lost words and control of my speech a couple of times.  It does not phase those wonderful people, only me.

Hallucinations are getting more prevalent again.  I had a reprieve for a while, but I am seeing realistic things that are obviously not there, more often.  Tonight, before dinner, I had to go to the bathroom.  So, I went in the men's room, near the dinning room of the community.  As I washed my hands, I turned around and saw our 13 year old poodle, Cherie.  In the public men's room!  When I looked again, I saw it was the "Wet Floor" sign!  Now, Cherie has made the floor wet, but she has never been in a public men's room.  Again, it looked real, but it obviously not.

This move, even with the bump in my cognitive decline, is a good move for us.  More later.

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