Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sometimes it is NOT dementia!

I was sitting here, in my power recliner, thinking of the past.  An event came to mind that caused me to laugh and also think.    It was a long time before i was diagnosed with LBD.   We lived in the Tidewater of Virginia and we were looking at property in North Carolina.  I was on the telephone wit the realtor setting up our appointment and she was giving us directions to the property.  She asked my how we were coming?  My reply was;  In a white Bronco!

I still laugh at that one.  Obviously she was asking which route we we re driving south on.  But, that did not enter my mind when she asked the question.  And we were driving down in  our full size, white, 1984 Bronco.   Made sense to me.

Now, I answer questions wrong often.  Sometime I misunderstand the question, do not hear it clearly, or I am just confused.  But that reply still take the cake!

Sometimes it is not dementia.  Or, was it?

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